"Love is the emblem of eternity: it confounds all notion of time: effaces all memory of a beginning, all fear of an end." -- Germaine De Stael

Love that is eternal is often sought, and once found, is one of the most rewarding and powerful emotions one can experience in a lifetime. As you reminisce on your first kiss, the moment she said yes, your wedding dance, and your celebrated life together, La4ve Diamonds wants to provide you with a fusion of quality and design that flawlessly reflects the sparkle in her eyes.

Our visions are same as yours: to capture the essence of everlasting love with diamonds that express the sentiments you share. La4ve Diamonds sets the stage for love, as we realize that love is eternal. We appoint it our duty and personal pledge to preserve high quality standards and fabricate our collection as a symbol of the eternal bond of love.

Founded in 2008 in New York, La4ve Diamonds has been fortunate to have been among many happily ever afters, and we understand the gravity of our role in making your special moments the highlights of every stage of your love story. We pride ourselves on being an elegant one-stop shopping website for bridal and fashion jewelry and specializing in solitaire, bands, and diamond jewelry.

Sincerely, we thank you for taking the time to explore our assortment and hope that you find the perfect gift for the one that is your emblem of eternal love.